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Arts and Nature Wilderness Camping Experience with Freeman Patterson

March 11 25, 2018

Week one - Boulderbaai
(Atlantic coast wilderness)
Week two - Richtersveld
(mountain desert wilderness)

Namaqualand in Bloom - By freeman Patterson

"Photography - both the craft and the art - helps me to be. It allows and enables me to live creatively, which is to honour Creation and my own existence. As I consciously pursue my craft, my concerns, anxieties, fears, loves, hopes, and dreams bubble up from my unconscious. In this meeting of the conscious and the unconscious, I can acknowledge my wounds and experience healing."
Freeman Patterson, ShadowLight

Kokerboomkloof - By Freeman Patterson

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To register contact:

Maryna/Helmut Kohrs
phone 011. 27. 27. 672. 1614
fax 011. 27. 27. 672. 1675


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