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Photography and the Art of Seeing
Photography and the Art of Seeing
The second book in Freeman Patterson's classic photography series familiarizes readers with the traditional principles of composition and visual design. But more importantly, Freeeman provides techniques and exercises for breaking with traditional concepts of design, thus enabling photographers and people working in other visual media to develop a keen awareness of subject matter and a personal direction.


This edition features many never-before published photographs presented in this volume for the first time. Extended captions include valuable technical information and fresh commentary on more than 60 photographs, illustrating the superb craftsmanship and stunning photography of one of the world’s most celebrated photographers.

Barriers to Seeing

Learning to Observe
Thinking sideways · Exercises in thinking sideways · Chance · Exercises in chance · Familiar things · Exercises in seeing familiar things · Being flexible Relaxed attentiveness
Relaxed attentiveness · Exercises in relaxed attentiveness

Learning to Imagine
The mind's eye · Exercising your imagination
Abstracting and selecting
Abstracting and selecting · Exercises in abstracting and Selecting

Learning to Express
The challenge of expression
Expression · Exercises in expression · Expression in subject matter · Subject matter and you
Unique properties of photography

How a camera sees space
Thinking about visual design

Elements of visual design: tone
Light · Light and shape · Light and texture · Light and line · Light and perspective · Perspective and other variables

Elements of visual design: colour
Colour and emotion · Colour and time · Colour as a thing-in-itself · Colour and composition

Principles of visual design
Dynamic simplicity · Achieving dynamic simplicity · dominance, balance, proportion, pattern and rhythm, deformation

Working with visual design
Centre of interest · Base · Filling the picture space · Frames and windows · Lack of perspective · Amputation · True colour · Correct exposure · Symbolism


"Patterson's superb colour shots, as well as his explanation of his unique approach to picture taking, are sure to inspire you to explore fresh avenues in your own photography."
Globe and Mail
"A great achievement... This book stands out because Patterson never once lost sight of what should be the goal of all photographers: effective expression."
Toronto Star

Photography and the Art of Seeing

Paper - 156 pages, 67 colour photographs
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